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Does your heart soar when you think of cooking for yourself or your family?

Do you dread walking into the kitchen after a busy day?

Is dinner time a headache?

Is grocery shopping something you love or detest?

Did you used to entertain but the romance is gone?

Not everyone is a FOOD NETWORK© cooking star!! In fact, many people would rather eat out than deal with the time and effort of cooking. Others possess kitchens that need to be organized and properly stocked before anything close to creativity with food can begin!



Plan YOUR special event, birthday, shower, housewarming, an intimate dinner or an impressive dinner party. Put Mandy in charge of menu planning, food shopping, preparation and personalized service. Dinner for two or a party for 20, 30 or more! We set-up, clean up, relieve stress and make your moments fun for you and your guests.

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Dinner for two or more planned, prepared and served on site. When you want to entertain or impress without the mess, fuss or simply just enjoy a home cooked meal. Meals made and delivered to shut-ins, elderly, post-surgical patients, new mom’s, busy executives and entrepreneurs.

Consultations for meal planning, dietary considerations, food preparation, grocery shopping, fridge to table instruction, etc.

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Mandy’s Kitchen prepares, packages for fridge and freezer, and will deliver pre-planned meals. Order 3 or 6 recipes or more from the On-The-Go-Jars Menu and make your dining-in experience delicious! Special dietary restrictions considered.

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An experience to change your lifestyle!!! We play together in your kitchen, re-organizing everything to make sense for cooking. What needs cleaned out? What needs to be organized? What is missing? We optimize your space. Whether your kitchen is large or small, we’ll achieve a flow… a easy feeling where you can access everything easily, keep what you need, and release what is no longer serving you.

We know people if you are considering a redesign or complete overhaul.  Providing Value and saving you money on everything you need to upgrade your lives.

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Give your spouse or friend any of the above services (details within specific offers may vary) with our GIFT CERTIFICATE program. Contact Mandy to discuss your needs.

fruit kabobs for dessert

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