Mandy’s Kitchen,the brain child of Mandy Hailpern, began as an extention of her heart and her intense desire to show love to others through food!

Our founder became a sales representative of the multi level marketing company, Pampered Chef but simply owning the “hardware” and selling it to others wasn’t enough, even working with the tools to create, bake, and cook delish dishes; even making use of a growing product line of recipes, seasonings, and sauces wasn’t enough!

The more she instructed others in the art, and worked side-by-side in her customer’s kitchens, the more Mandy saw a demand – an actual need – for help. Not just in the formulation of everyday household menus but the organization of client kitchens as well. They clamored for better and easier preparation methods, and common sense layouts of storage cabinets, pantry’s, refrigerators and freezers.

Mandy’s Kitchen was born.

As her work progressed, another necessary facet of service became obvious…Mandy began offering on-site meal planning, preparation and freezing for busy clients and often grocery shopping as well. Business boomed and more extensive personal chef duties were requested. Catering intimate parties and special occasions became popular too. She extended her line of services to include cooking classes and teenage instructional birthday parties Sweet 16’s with sweet concoctions made by guests became the rage).

In 2017, with heightened requests for her creations, demands for meeting dietary restrictions, and clients who were constantly on-the-go and concerned with eating fast foods on the run, Mandy decided to find a more efficient way to feed ‘the masses’.

On-The-Go quart and pint sized mason jars, filled to the brim with fresh, natural ingredients and recipes that could be tweaked for gluten free and lactose intolerant customers; Mandy found that she could literally be on the cutting edge of culinary demands.

With delivery to home or office, microwaveable or chillable containers, purchased in cost efficient numbers could not only stand the test of time but provide those working against the clock or requiring special dietary restrictions, a choice…a solution.

On-The-Go-Jars.com is the latest in the family of customer friendly, life improving, family oriented, palate satisfying efforts from this rapidly growing, consistently evolving company!

Thank you for allowing me to be a contribution to your lives.




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